• Welcome to the updated IKEA Dublin ProposalWelcome to the updated IKEA Dublin Proposal

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our project proposal as we seek to enter the community of Dublin, California with our third Bay Area store.

  • Did you know IKEA would generate significant tax revenue?

    The IKEA retail project will generate approximately $1.8 million in new tax revenue for the City each year.

  • The proposed IKEA store will create about 350 jobs

    Consistent with Swedish values, IKEA is considered an employer of choice that offers a work/life balance and extensive career development and training opportunities.

NOTE: This website has been produced by IKEA – the Dublin property owner and applicant – as part of its commitment to provide Dublin residents and business owners with information and updates about the proposed IKEA store and retail project.

IKEA Dublin Project ProposalThe IKEA Dublin Proposal: A Community-Based Design


Since IKEA purchased the vacant 27-acre site at the corner of I-580 and Hacienda Drive in March 2016, our team has been hard at work on a detailed site plan that reflects the ideas and feedback we heard from Dublin residents, business owners, and City officials.

During the past 18+ months, we heard from hundreds of residents at various community events, open houses, and through this project website. We have incorporated many comments into our design process and changed the project with some significant site enhancements.

The result is a revised project featuring a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented retail development – one that includes a significantly revised site plan for the IKEA store alongside an open-air plaza, indoor/outdoor restaurants, and other specialized retailers. We are excited to share the revised project with you here.

Proposal at a Glance

  • IKEA store parking has moved underneath the store
  • Instead of a parking field, we are creating nearly 6 acres of new open space for a pedestrian-friendly experience
  • The IKEA store has been reduced in size by 30,000 square feet to 340,000 square feet
  • Amount of space for specialty retail and restaurants has nearly doubled to 92,000 square feet
  • The new site plan creates a retail development – one that is connected with a wide pedestrian plaza and outdoor community amenities
Proposed IKEA Map Proposed IKEA Amenity Plaza Proposed IKEA Dublin Amenity Space Amenity Space proposal for new Dublin CA IKEA Proposed IKEA steet entrence. IKEA proposal image from approaching street level view.

Community Enefits of the IKEA Dublin ProposalCommunity Benefits

The IKEA-anchored lifestyle center would bring significant economic and community benefits to the Tri-Valley. In particular, the economic value of having an IKEA store in town is substantial, especially in tax revenue and job creation. IKEA stores are one-of-a-kind, with a restaurant and supervised children’s play area. That is why the majority of our customers stay for 2-3 hours per visit. Additionally, we have a track record of being a strong corporate citizen and active partner in the community.

In order to fully understand how the proposed project would affect the local economy, we looked to an independent consultant to conduct an economic impact analysis. Leading Bay Area land use economics consulting firm Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) conducted an economic analysis on how the proposed IKEA Dublin retail project would impact the community. Among the study’s findings of the project, which includes the proposed IKEA store and the adjacent retail/entertainment development, some economic and fiscal highlights are:

  • An annual net fiscal surplus of approximately $1.8 million to the City of Dublin’s General Fund
  • $350,000 in annual property tax revenue to the Dublin Unified School District
  • $14 million in one-time development impact fees, more than half of which go to the City
  • Creation of 1,142 jobs, including 580 direct, 316 indirect, and 246 induced

To read detailed findings and analysis from the full report, click here.

IKEA Dublin Proposal NewsIKEA in the Community

It’s official! On November 1, 2017, IKEA filed the revised project plans with the City of Dublin. We will continue to be out in the community showing residents the plans and hosting a series of open houses in early 2018.

We look forward to more opportunities to discuss the project with the community, and will update this page with our plans for continued outreach this year. To see photos of our IKEA family out in the Dublin community, please click here.

Additionally, if you know an organization interested in hearing details about the proposed IKEA retail development, please contact us here so we schedule a time to attend a local community meeting.

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FAQ about the IKEA Dublin ProposalFAQ

Q. Where is IKEA in the process with the City? In March 2016, we filed an application with the City of Dublin – which triggered the first step in a long, thorough state-mandated public review process, which is to initiate an environmental review of the proposed project. The IKEA team has been in regular communication with stakeholders in Dublin as we revise our site plan to best fit this community.  In November 2017, a revised proposal was filed with the City, which initiates the public process. We will be hosting a series of open houses and other opportunities for the community to give feedback on the project.

Q. What is the exact location of the site being proposed for an IKEA store? The IKEA property is 27 acres at the northwest corner of I-580 and Hacienda Drive. The IKEA store will be located on only 12.6 acres, allowing the remaining acreage to accommodate additional retail uses. The site, which is the same one as the previously approved IKEA proposal, is vacant.

Q. Will IKEA be the only store on the site? Any additional retail options? In addition to the IKEA store, the proposal includes an iconic California specialty retail and entertainment center, with 93,000 square feet of restaurants, shops, and more. The lifestyle center will feature a rich pedestrian experience, with a plaza, flexible open space, and indoor/outdoor restaurants and retail.

Q. What restaurants and shops will be in the lifestyle center? While specific tenants have not yet been identified, IKEA has engaged a local team at Cushman & Wakefield to market and lease the project. The community’s suggestions have been shared with C&W and will be carefully considered throughout the process. We will continue to keep your posted with exciting updates as they become available. Keep an eye out here for a preview of the marketing launch slated for early December.

Q. How does IKEA plan to handle the customer flow to minimize impact on the local Dublin residents? IKEA does not open until 10:00am each day, which is after the morning commute time, and our busiest times are on weekend afternoons. Located right off the highway, a retail store is less impactful on traffic than other uses (office or residential) because approximately 86% of the potential visitors to the proposed IKEA Dublin would be accessing the store via I-580.

As part of the state-prescribed review, the City is conducting a thorough environmental analysis, which includes a comprehensive look at potential traffic impacts and ways of addressing potential issues. We are very confident that the existing infrastructure already in place for an IKEA store – and which was built by IKEA to accommodate our previous plan – will help minimize any impact of customer access and flow to the proposed store. The existing infrastructure includes three dedicated left turn lanes from Hacienda to Martinelli, two dedicated left turn lanes from Martinelli into the proposed site, and two dedicated right turns from Martinelli to Hacienda to feed into the ramp for I-580. We also look forward to hearing other potential suggestions for easing flow on Hacienda and Martinelli.

Q. What size store is IKEA proposing for this Dublin location? After hearing community feedback, we have revised the IKEA Dublin store design to be smaller than our original proposal. The revised plan now proposes a store totaling a maximum of approximately 340,000 square feet, which is a decrease from a potential 377,000 square feet. This plan accommodates approximately 50 different room settings, three model home interiors, a supervised children’s play area, as well as an IKEA restaurant. Much of the store’s size is actually for a self-serve furniture area where products are displayed and inventoried on-site for customers to take home on day of purchase.

Q. If IKEA is successful obtaining city approvals, how long will it take to open once construction begins? It could take approximately 15-18 months to open the store once construction has begun.

Q. When could the proposed IKEA Dublin be open?  While an exact store opening date has not yet been determined and the city approval process has only just begun, we would hope to open IKEA Dublin in late 2020.

Q. What would be the hours of operation for the proposed IKEA Dublin? The proposed hours for an IKEA Dublin would be 10am – 9pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10am – 8pm on Sunday.

Q. Didn’t IKEA already propose a Dublin store? Was it the same location? What happened? What’s different now? The Bay Area always has been envisioned as a multiple-store market for IKEA. We pursued and secured approvals more than ten years ago for a Dublin store as our 3rd Bay Area store because the location complemented our presence in Emeryville and East Palo Alto. That situation has not changed; it still is a great location and very well suited for IKEA. Ten years ago, we decided the market was not quite developed enough to support a Tri-Valley store, so we sold the land. Now, we are more than confident of the potential success, and fortunately the site was available. So, we have repurchased the land and are participating in the city review process again for a similar project.

Q. What type of retail jobs does IKEA offer?An IKEA store offers a variety of employment opportunities, ranging from traditional retail positions such as human resources, sales and customer service to unique function such as Food, and Interior Design. Reflecting our Swedish heritage, our salaries are competitive within the local area, as well as within the industry. And as further investment in our coworkers, IKEA has raised its own minimum wage twice in two years.

IKEA also offers a wonderful benefits package including eligibility for medical, dental, paid-time off, domestic partner/children coverage, generous 401(k) matching, pension, and tuition assistance. Other benefits include:  paid maternity/paternity leave and paid time off for child adoption; flexible work arrangements, extensive professional development, training and mentoring programs; lactation rooms for nursing mothers; and discounts for weight loss and smoking cessation services. In addition, all coworkers who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible for both short-term and long-term disability. For all of these reasons, IKEA has been ranked among "Best Companies to Work For."

Q. When would recruitment begin for the store’s 350 coworkers? It is too early to talk recruitment timelines as we are still focused on the city review and approval process. But, generally, the hiring process for most positions occurs 6-9 months before the store opens. All positions can be found on the website once they are available, and applications are taken online.

Q. When is IKEA busiest?IKEA stores are recognized for being very successful year-round, but 50% of the sales are generated on the weekend, with the busiest time on a Saturday afternoon. During the week, the busier times tend to be after-dinner, when families can shop together. From a calendar perspective, IKEA store sales typically do not peak in the winter due to the Winter Holidays. Instead, our busiest time is in late summer when the annual IKEA catalogue is distributed (usually sometime in August).

Q. What would the truck delivery schedule for this proposed Dublin store?Truck deliveries to restock the proposed IKEA Dublin would occur overnight and be completed by 9:30 AM, so as to not co-mingle with customers onsite. Since the trucks would be travelling directly from IKEA distribution centers and suppliers, we control their routes and times and thus can help minimize any impact on the local community.

Q. Does IKEA provide on-site security?Yes. Since IKEA owns the land and will own the building, our facility management team and safety & security team will be among the 350 coworkers at this proposed Dublin location. By having these functions managed locally, the store team will be able to respond to community needs and control systems in a timely fashion. Additionally, the safety & security team works to ensure the store maintains a safe and family-friendly shopping environment within the building as well as throughout the property. And, as normal routines, the store will be tied-into alert systems with the Alameda County Sheriff and Fire Departments.

Q. So, did IKEA buy the land again? Yes.  In March 2016, IKEA re-purchased the parcel from a private local developer to pursue the current iteration of the IKEA retail project.

Q. What type of input have you been receiving? Community members, city leaders and staff, and potential retail partners have provided feedback regarding:  the building size; parking configuration; store design; square footage of adjacent retail space; pedestrian-friendly features of retail development; and specific suggestions regarding the potential retailers and restaurants folks would like to see in Dublin, adjacent to IKEA. To see photos from events where we solicited feedback from the community, click here.

Q. What is IKEA doing with the input? After months of studying the hundreds of comments and suggestions, our design team made several key changes to the proposed project. That feedback led to our revised site plan, which we released in March 2017. We continued to collect feedback from residents, lawmakers, business owners and other stakeholders on the plan and submitted a project proposal in November 2017. We will continue to solicit feedback and ensure the proposed IKEA store reflects what Dubliners want and need most.

Q. I was not able to attend the first round of open houses. What did I miss? Is there something you can share from the open houses? We are sorry you were unable to attend.  We appreciated meeting and speaking to those who did. Click here to see photos from our open houses and other community events, and stay tuned for announcements regarding future open houses soon.

Q. Are those the only community open houses you will be having?  I would like to hear about project and I have some questions to ask?The open houses in June 2016 were one phase of our outreach.  We will be hosting additional open houses to share project updates. We will update this site with those details once they are finalized. But, if you have questions you want to ask now, click here to ask. (And please provide your contact info to ensure you are notified directly about the next wave of open houses.)

About IKEA Dublin ProposalAbout IKEA

Bay Area IKEA LocationsIKEA is a global company with more than 390 IKEA stores in 48 countries. Since its 1943 founding in Sweden, IKEA has offered a wide range of home furnishings and accessories of good design and function, at low prices so the majority of the people can afford them.

Combining a tremendous variety of styles of furniture and accessories with 10,000 exclusively-designed product choices – ranging from sofas, bookcases, kitchens and kitchen appliances to beds, mattresses, office furniture and textiles – IKEA offers customers affordable solutions for every room in the home.

To help shoppers with ideas and inspiration for creating the home of their dreams, the unique IKEA shopping experience includes individual room-settings and complete home displays depicting various "life situations" — from a single mother and her daughter to a couple moving in together.

A Family-Friendly Shopping Experience

IKEA is a family-friendly company. We provide our visitors with a variety of activities for children, making the IKEA experience fun for the entire family. Below are some of these features:

  • Småland, a supervised children’s play area (for children 37”-54” in height) that replicates the look of a typical Swedish farmhouse and forest
  • Additional play areas throughout the store, offering activities for kids shopping with parents
  • A “Children’s IKEA” area in the Showroom that also offers fun, interactive displays
  • Attention-to-detail amenities such as baby care rooms
  • Specially-designed strollers for our younger visitors
  • A family-friendly parking area
  • A 450-seat IKEA Restaurant that serves Swedish specialties such as meatballs, lingonberries and salmon plates as well as American cuisine, including kid-friendly meals

IKEA Affordable Design

IKEA products are designed with the price tag first, challenging designers to be innovative and think differently, resulting in quality furniture at low prices. With this goal in mind, most IKEA furniture designs are flat-packed, fitting more into every shipment and on fewer trucks, thus minimizing impact on the environment. With transport and storage costs lower, ‘flat-packing’ reduces waste and enables IKEA to pass along big savings to the customer. Also, the IKEA self-serve shopping concept and ready-to-assemble products (with globally-used pictorial assembly directions) allow customers to take their purchases home and use them on the same day.


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