In March 2016, we filed an application with the City of Dublin – which triggered the first step in a long, thorough state-mandated public review process, which is to initiate an environmental review of the proposed project. The Glen team has been in regular communication with stakeholders in Dublin as we revise our site plan to best fit this community. In November 2017, we filed the revised project plans with the City of Dublin, which initiates the public process. We will continue to be out in the community showing residents the plans and hosting a series of open houses before City Council review, likely in mid-2018.

The property is a 27-acre vacant lot at the northwest corner of I-580 and Hacienda Drive. The IKEA store will be located on only 12.6 acres, allowing the remaining acreage to accommodate additional uses, including restaurants, specialty retail, and community gathering space.

Most of The Glen’s retail, including IKEA, will not open until 10:00am each day, which is after the morning commute time, and our busiest times are on weekend afternoons. Located right off the highway, a retail store is less impactful on traffic than other uses (office or residential) because approximately 86% of the potential visitors to the proposed IKEA Dublin would be accessing the store via I-580.

As part of the state-prescribed review, the City is conducting a thorough environmental analysis, which includes a comprehensive look at potential traffic impacts and ways of addressing potential issues. We are very confident that the existing infrastructure already in place for an IKEA store – and which was built by IKEA to accommodate our previous plan – will help minimize any impact of customer access and flow to the proposed store. The existing infrastructure includes three dedicated left turn lanes from Hacienda to Martinelli, two dedicated left turn lanes from Martinelli into the proposed site, and two dedicated right turns from Martinelli to Hacienda to feed into the ramp for I-580. We also look forward to hearing other potential suggestions for easing flow on Hacienda and Martinelli.

After hearing community feedback, we have revised the IKEA Dublin store design to be smaller than our original proposal. The revised plan now proposes a store totaling a maximum of approximately 340,000 square feet, which is a decrease from a potential 377,000 square feet. This plan accommodates approximately 50 different room settings, three model home interiors, a supervised children’s play area, as well as an IKEA restaurant. Much of the store’s size is actually for a self-serve furniture area where products are displayed and inventoried on-site for customers to take home on day of purchase.

It could take approximately 15-18 months to open once construction has begun.

While an exact store opening date has not yet been determined and the city approval process has only just begun, we would hope to open The Glen at Dublin in Summer 2020.

The proposed hours for an IKEA Dublin would be 10am – 9pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10am – 8pm on Sunday.

The Bay Area always has been envisioned as a multiple-store market for IKEA. We pursued and secured approvals more than ten years ago for a Dublin store as our 3rd Bay Area store because the location complemented our presence in Emeryville and East Palo Alto. That situation has not changed; it still is a great location and very well suited for IKEA. Ten years ago, we decided the market was not quite developed enough to support a Tri-Valley store, so we sold the land. Now, we are more than confident of the potential success, and fortunately the site was available. So, we have repurchased the land and are participating in the city review process again for a similar project.

An IKEA store offers a variety of employment opportunities, ranging from traditional retail positions such as human resources, sales and customer service to unique function such as Food, and Interior Design. Reflecting our Swedish heritage, our salaries are competitive within the local area, as well as within the industry. And as further investment in our coworkers, IKEA has raised its own minimum wage twice in two years.

IKEA also offers a wonderful benefits package including eligibility for medical, dental, paid-time off, domestic partner/children coverage, generous 401(k) matching, pension, and tuition assistance. Other benefits include: paid maternity/paternity leave and paid time off for child adoption; flexible work arrangements, extensive professional development, training and mentoring programs; lactation rooms for nursing mothers; and discounts for weight loss and smoking cessation services. In addition, all coworkers who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible for both short-term and long-term disability. For all of these reasons, IKEA has been ranked among "Best Companies to Work For."

It is too early to talk recruitment timelines as we are still focused on the city review and approval process. But, generally, the hiring process for most positions occurs 6-9 months before the store opens. All positions can be found on the website once they are available, and applications are taken online.

IKEA stores are recognized for being very successful year-round, but 50% of the sales are generated on the weekend, with the busiest time on a Saturday afternoon. During the week, the busier times tend to be after-dinner, when families can shop together. From a calendar perspective, IKEA store sales typically do not peak in the winter due to the Winter Holidays. Instead, our busiest time is in late summer when the annual IKEA catalogue is distributed (usually sometime in August).

Truck deliveries to restock the proposed IKEA Dublin would occur overnight and be completed by 9:30 AM, so as to not co-mingle with customers onsite. Since the trucks would be travelling directly from IKEA distribution centers and suppliers, we control their routes and times and thus can help minimize any impact on the local community.

Yes. Since IKEA owns the land and will own the building, our facility management team and safety & security team will be among the 350 coworkers at this proposed Dublin location. By having these functions managed locally, the store team will be able to respond to community needs and control systems in a timely fashion. Additionally, the safety & security team works to ensure the store maintains a safe and family-friendly shopping environment within the building as well as throughout the property. And, as normal routines, the store will be tied-into alert systems with the Alameda County Sheriff and Fire Departments.

Yes. In March 2016, IKEA re-purchased the parcel from a private local developer to pursue the current iteration of The Glen at Dublin.

Community members, city leaders and staff, and potential retail partners have provided feedback regarding: the building size; parking configuration; store design; square footage of adjacent retail space; pedestrian-friendly features of retail development; and specific suggestions regarding the potential retailers and restaurants folks would like to see at The Glen. To see photos from events where we solicited feedback from the community, click here.

After months of studying the hundreds of comments and suggestions, our design team made several key changes to the proposed project. That feedback led to our revised site plan, which we released in March 2017. We will continue to collect feedback from residents, lawmakers, business owners and other stakeholders on the updated plan to ensure The Glen what Dubliners want and need most.

IKEA's blue and yellow are an important part of our heritage and identity. We cannot do even less and stay true to our brand.

Fulfillment centers are not meant to receive customers. IKEA’s store designs follow the functions inside the building and assist customers with navigating around our site.  As a side note, IKEA leases its facility in American Canyon, so we had no input to that building’s design.

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